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Safety Valve

Safety Valve

Flanged End & Screwed

We are a prominent manufacturer and supplier of safety valves, catering to various industries and applications. Our safety valves are designed to ensure the safe and reliable operation of pressure vessels, piping systems, and equipment by preventing excessive pressure buildup.

With a focus on quality and compliance, our valves are manufactured using high-grade materials and adhere to international standards and regulations. Our product range includes a variety of safety valve types such as spring-loaded safety valves, pilot-operated safety valves, and pressure relief valves.

Size Range:25mm X 50mm to 250mm X 350mm
Pressure Rating:150# To 2500# BS 10 Table-H x E
Facing:Raise Face (R.F), Flat Face (F.F), Ring Type Joint (RTJ)
Body M.O.C:Carbon Steel / Alloy Steel / Stainless Steel
Trims:CF8 / 8M / SS 304 / 316
Orifice (Seat) Dia.:19.0 mm to 190 mm
End Connection:Flanged End 7 ButtWeld
Size RangeSize RangeSize Range
01.BodyASTM A216 GR. WCB / A217 GR WC6 / WC9 / A351 GR CF8 / CF8M
02.Open BonnetASTM A216 GR. WCB / S.G. IRON / A217 GR WC6 / WC9 / A351 GR CF8 / CF8M
03.Open CapASTM A216 GR. WCB / S.G. IRON / SS
04.NozzleASTM A351 GR CF8 / CF8M
05.DiscSS 304 / SS 316
06.Nozzle RingASTM A351 GR CF8 / CF8M
07.GuideASTM A351 GR CF8 / CF8M
08.StemSS 410
09.Lock ScrewSS 304
10.Disc HolderASTM A351 GR CF8 / CF8M
11.Adjusting ScrewSS 410
12.Spring WasherMild Steel
13.Adj. Screw NutSS 304 / SS 410
14.Setting SpringCarbon Steel / Alloy Steel / SS 302 / Inconel
15.GasketAramid Fiber (Non-Asbestos)
16.ForkASTM A216 GR. WCB / S.G IRON / SS
17.LeverASTM A216 GR. WCB / S.G IRON / SS
18.Stem NutMild Steel
19.Studs & NutsA193 GR. B7 / A194 2H
20.Thrust BearingHardcrome Iron

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