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Welded Bonnet Gate Valve

Welded Bonnet Gate Valve

Class 1500#, 2500# – SWE, BWE

Discover our superior quality welded bonnet gate valve with pressure ratings of 1500 and 2500. As reputable manufacturers, we specialize in producing durable and high-performance gate valves with welded bonnet designs.

Engineered for demanding applications, our gate valves ensure reliable sealing and efficient flow control in high-pressure environments.

Explore our extensive range of welded bonnet gate valves to find the perfect solution for your specific needs.

Sr. No.Part NameCS to ASTMAlloy Steel to ASTMStainless Steel to ASTM
01.BodyA105 | A350 LF2A182 F5 | A182 F11
A182 F22 | A182 F9
A182 F304 | A182 F316
A182 F304L | A182 F316L
02.BonnetA105 | A350 LF2A182 F5 | A182 F11 | A182 F22 | A182 F9A182 F304 | A182 F316 | A182 F316 | A182 F316L
03.Gland FollowerA182 F6A | A182 F6AA182 F6A | A182 F6A | A182 F6A | A182 F6AF-304 | F-316 | F-304L | F-316L
04.Gland FlangeA105 | A350 LF2A182 F5 A182 F11 | A182 F22 | A182 F9A182 F304 | A182 F316 | A182 F304L | A182 F316L
05.Studs & NutsA194 2H | A194 Gr.4A194 2H | A194 Gr.4 | A194 Gr.4 | A194 Gr.4A194 Gr.8 | A194 Gr.8 | A194 Gr.8 | A194 Gr.8
06.PlugPlug Material : ASTM 276 Type 410
07.Seat RingAs Per Trim Material Combination
08.WedgeAs Per Trim Material Combination
10.PackingTo Suit Service Conditions
11.StemAs per Trim Material Combination
12.Yoke SleeveAl. Bronze bs 1400 Ab2C or Ni Resist to A439 D2
13.HandwheelDI A536 80-55-06 or MI/A338
14.Name PlateAluminium / Steel
Retaining Nut
Carbon Steel
  • Class : 1500
  • Shell Test (HYDROSTATIC) : 384 Bars | 5568 PSIG
  • Seat Test (HYDROSTATIC) : 282 Bar | 4075 PSIG
  • Seat Test (PNEUMATIC) : 6.9 Bar | 100 PSIG
  • Class : 2500
  • Shell Test (HYDROSTATIC) : 639 Bars | 9372 PSIG
  • Seat Test (HYDROSTATIC) : 469 Bar | 6785 PSIG
  • Seat Test (PNEUMATIC) : 6.9 Bar | 100 PSIG

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  1. Thanks for helping me understand how gate valves are designed for demanding applications and provide dependable sealing and effective flow control in high-pressure settings. I heard that my neighbor, who is a skilled handyman, is currently renovating an older building in our neighborhood. He’s in need of a Replaceable Bonnet Gate Valve to upgrade the water supply system in the structure, ensuring it meets modern safety and efficiency standards.

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