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Globe Valves

Globe Valve Manufacturers

As a reputable globe valve manufacturer and supplier, we specialize in offering a comprehensive range of globe valves for fluid control applications. Globe valves are widely used to regulate, start, or stop the flow of liquids or gases within pipelines. Our globe valves are designed with precision engineering to ensure optimal performance, reliability, and durability.

We provide a diverse selection of globe valve types, including straight pattern, angle pattern, and Y-pattern designs, suitable for various system requirements. Our valves are crafted from high-quality materials such as stainless steel, cast iron, or bronze, depending on the application and media compatibility.

With attention to detail and strict quality control measures, our globe valves deliver excellent flow control, minimal pressure drop, and tight shutoff. They are designed to withstand high pressures, corrosive environments, and demanding operating conditions.

We understand the importance of customization, and our globe valves can be tailored to specific requirements such as size, pressure rating, end connections, and actuation options. Our experienced team ensures each valve undergoes rigorous testing to meet international standards and customer expectations.

Angle Globe Valves

We are a trusted manufacturer and supplier of angle globe valves with PN16 and PN40 flanged end connections.

Cast Steel Globe Valve

Discover our exceptional range of cast steel globe valves, manufactured with precision and expertise. As a leading manufacturer

Class 800 Globe Valve Pressure Rating

We are a trusted manufacturer and supplier of forged steel globe valves with Class 800 and 1500 ratings. Our expertly crafted globe valves

Forged Steel Globe Valve

Experience the excellence of our forged steel globe valves with pressure class ratings of 150, 300, and 600. As leading manufacturers

Globe Valve PN16/PN64/PN100

As a leading manufacturer and supplier, we offer a comprehensive range of globe valves with PN16, PN64, and PN100 pressure ratings

Pressure Seal Globe Valve

As prominent manufacturers of Pressure Seal Globe Valves, we specialize in producing valves with high-pressure ratings of 1500# and 2500#

Socket Weld Globe Valve

As a trusted manufacturer, we specialize in producing high-quality socket weld globe valves. Our socket weld globe valves are meticulously designed..

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