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About us

About us

About Auro Valves Industries

We provide top-notch valve solutions, superior manufacturing quality, and comprehensive marine repair and services.


What We


We are the leading manufacturer and distributor of industrial valves, supported by innovative technologies and experienced employees. Our valve manufacturing in India excels at understanding clients’ demands and producing excellent valves. Auro Valves offers a competitive range of process components, with state-of-the-art facilities and expertise to ensure top-notch product design and quality. We provide low prices, Just in Time Delivery, and exceptional customer service. Our experienced staff is dedicated to delivering quality products, best services, and timely delivery at competitive prices to maintain customer satisfaction.

Discover our seamless manufacturing process

We excel at understanding client demands and producing excellent valves in India. With essential production and testing skills, we are the best valve manufacturer worldwide. Our valve manufacturing catalogue grows monthly with extensive collections.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be a leading manufacturer and exporter of industrial valves, catering to the needs of various industries such as Fertilizer, Oil and Gas, Refineries, and more. We strive for excellence through continuous improvement, ensuring precision, reliability, and customer satisfaction. Collaboration with clients, employees, and suppliers is key to achieving our goals.

Our Mission

From raw materials to valve shipment, we maintain stringent quality standards throughout our manufacturing process. Our tools and equipment are regularly calibrated, adhering to industry standards. We have a dedicated Standard Room for calibration of measuring instruments. We also arrange annual maintenance contracts for specialized equipment.

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