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Thermodynamic Steam Trap

Thermodynamic Steam Trap

Stainless Steel

We are reputable manufacturers and suppliers of high-quality Thermodynamic Steam Traps. Our Thermodynamic Steam Traps are specifically designed to effectively remove condensate from steam systems while preventing steam loss and maximizing energy efficiency.

The thermodynamic operating principle of our steam traps ensures reliable performance and durability. These traps utilize a disc that opens and closes based on pressure differentials, efficiently discharging condensate while minimizing steam wastage.

As manufacturers and suppliers, we prioritize quality and adhere to strict quality control measures throughout the production process. Each steam trap undergoes thorough testing to ensure optimal functionality and long service life.

P No.PartMaterialQty
1.Body (Seat Hardened)ASTM A743 Gr CA 40 (Cast Equiv. AISI 420)01
2.Disc CapASTM A743 Gr CA 40 (Cast Equiv. AISI 420)01
3.Strainer CapASTM A743 Gr CA 40 (Cast Equiv. AISI 420)01
4.Strainer ScreenAISI 304 (Perforated Sheet 0.8)01
5.Disc (Hardened)AISI 41001
6.ISOTUBStainless Steel01
1/2″2.353. lbs
3/4″2.673. lbs
ModelSize / RatingGWt
PT101/2″ / #1505.53.8 lbs
PT103/4″ / #1506.05.3 lbs

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